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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

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1943-44 Pg #1
1943-44 Pg #2
1943-44 Pg #3
1946 Pg #1
1946 Pg #2
1946 Pg #3
1947 Pg #1
1947-48 Pg #2

Beck Event and Naval Covers 1943-1944 Page 1 of 3

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Theodore Roosevelt, October 27, 1943

Similar to above cover except this one has NY. NY cancel

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills
A good example of Beck's very early Naval Covers

2008 was the first time we saw this 1943 Morris W Beck cover he produced while in high school.There is a red rubber stamp on the reverse of the cover with Beck's usual marking. "Morris W. Beck"
We asked Mr. Beck about his early covers and he has no written record of the early covers and can't specifically remember which ones he published. Mr. Beck passed away in 2011.

Another example of this cover, postmarked
at a different city. Argonne, Wisconsin.

The reverse of WWII Patriotic cover

USS PC 823-Reverse Marking 604 Ninth Street

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