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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

Copyright ©1999-2021 Owen R Murray.  All Rights Reserved.      Revised: 03/23/2021


1943-44 Pg #1
1943-44 Pg #2
1943-44 Pg #3
1946 Pg #1
1946 Pg #2
1946 Pg #3
1947     Pg #1
1947-48 Pg #2

Beck Event and Naval Covers 1966-1976




JAN/17/A.M./1966 USS Observation Island



Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson
Donald Schultz was affiliated with the Nuclear Ships Chapter and probably sponsored this cover. 

We don't know for sure.  We do know that Mr. Beck printed the cachet. 
The same design was used for several events in about 1963.



Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson

Scan courtesy of Andre Gutmann
Previously unlisted.  Added 10/2019


Note the AM in this cancel. The cover directly above has the PM.
Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson
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USCS convention June 23 1973.  Beck printed cachet.

See similar FDC with this cachet on the FDC page.
Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson



Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson  Also see same cover with Beck number B939

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson  Also see same cover with Beck number B996. 
This cover is for the trip to Europe and the B996 was commissioning.


Flag Day cachet similar to Beck 915 with 1976 date.
These covers were printed by Beck for Martin Longseth a collector. 
In 1976, Longseth sent this cover to every ship with a post office (about 184 ships).

In 2014 a number of these covers with different ship cancellations sold for about $10 each.

Also thanks to Richard Hoffner for information about this series.

Scans and list below are courtesy of Larry Johnson.  This is a list of newly listed and
not a comprehensive list of all the covers that exist for this issue.

1. USS DONALD B. BEARY  FF-1085    JUNE 2, 1976
2. USS DIXON AS-37  JUNE 4, 1976

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