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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

Copyright ©1999-2021 Owen R Murray.  All Rights Reserved.      Revised: 01/04/2021

Morris W. Beck Naval and Event Covers

Morris W. Beck produced covers from 1943 while he was still in high school until about the late 70's. 
During this time he produced about two thousand different naval and event covers.  The major categories of covers are listed below:

The Early Years and Prior to Beck's WWII Service



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Early MW Beck cover.  1943
He was in high school when he produced the one above.
Click to see reverse of the above cover.

1946-1948 Post WWII

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1000 Cover Naval Series 1962-1975 With Space Issues


See the covers in this period


Presidents Birth and Death Anniversaries

See the covers in this period




US States and Territories Anniversaries 
1951-2 and 1956-57

See the covers in this period



Foreign Naval Covers

Some of these covers were produced with or for Nuclear Ship Chapter #61, Donald O. Schultz, Cachet Director

See the covers in this period




Nuclear Ships/NS Chapter #61 with Donald O. Schultz, Cachet Director
Naval Covers 1960's

See the covers in this period




M W Beck and Tri Color First Day Covers
1950-early 1960's

See the covers in this period



Advertising and Messages from Morris W Beck to Collectors

See the examples




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