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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

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Morris W. Beck First Day Covers

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Morris W. Beck produced First Day Covers (FDC) for many new stamps. He produced self service envelopes and
provided the service for collectors. Several FDC examples are shown below.

His first FDC was for the 3c Baltimore and Ohio RR stamp of February 28, 1952

Beck's first FDC

Mr. Beck produced FDCs under several brand names such as "Tri Color", "mb" "Beck", "M W Beck", "B", etc.

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson
Unusual postmark on this one

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills

Scan courtesy of Jeff Mills

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson

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Added 2019-Also see Beck #412
Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson

Scans courtesy of Larry Johnson

Scan courtesy of Larry Johnson