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Morris W. Beck Naval Covers

Copyright 1999-2021 Owen R Murray. All Rights Reserved. Revised: 03/23/2021

Autographs on Morris W Beck Printed Cachets

This page shows examples of various Beck covers with autographs obtained by collectors. Some of the autographs are autopens and some are actual signatures. Covers illustrated here are just for collector's interest. This is not part of the reference catalog and does not intend to represent an authoritative listing of astronaut autographs.

Click on any cover to see the larger photo

Updated January 19, 2021

Shown in the order the cover was added to this page. Latest additions are at the top.

This following group of GT-4 and GT-5 covers on black backgrounds are courtesy to Tony O'Brien

Added 8/2020 Scan courtesy of Mark Burton

7/2020 eBay $48.25

This autographed Beck cover sold for $98.00 on eBay in 2020

Sold for about $61

Signed by Augustine W Smith, Captain, US Navy

Above scans courtesy of Anthony O'Brien

This is a MW Beck custom printed cachet for a customer.

Sold for $63.00

Sold for $63.00

This one sold for $75.00 on eBay in July 2019

Scan courtesy of L.K.How